Unlock data, bolster insights, ignite innovation

Real-world data, expert insights, effective governance

Every time a patient is treated, healthcare providers collect and generate data. This Real-World Data (RWD) is an invaluable asset for many stakeholders, allowing for profound insights into therapeutic outcomes, running clinical studies, monitoring safety and adverse effects, and optimising processes of healthcare providers and life sciences. Overall, it contributes to better healthcare.

Unlock data, bolster insights, ignite innovation

Real-world data, expert insights, effective governance

Research groups are looking for the origin of medical conditions. Life science companies want to ensure drugs are used correctly or improve treatment plans. Government agencies want to know how drugs and medical devices are used in real life. Yesterday, rather than today. All for better healthcare and, thanks to Cascador, with minimal impact on your workload.

Unlock the true value of patient data

Unleashing the power of Real-World Data, especially for secondary use, is no feat. There are trust issues, technical complexities, and privacy concerns. This is where Cascador Health comes into play.

Cascador Health bridges the gap between sources and users of healthcare data. It uses structured, validated, and anonymised Real-World Data to generate Real-World Evidence, allowing healthcare providers and the life science industry to make informed decisions and provide better care.

Harness the power of data for valuable insights

In addition to unlocking RWD, Cascador acts as a data value creator. Cascador offers solutions to address the needs of life sciences regarding Market Access, Clinical Evidence, and Therapy Adoption.

In selected therapeutic areas, Cascador strives for market leadership through Cascador Specialties.

Your real-world data partner from evidence to innovation

Real-world data

Cascador unlocks real-world data from healthcare providers across Europe. Health records, claims data and patient-reported outcomes. For every lifecycle phase, from pre-market approval to standard of care.

Secure access

Cascador provides trusted third-party access to real-world data. We collect, anonymise, and analyse data through our digital platform, Cascador Edge/Merge. 100% compliant, safe and efficient.

Expert partners

Cascador brings key opinion leaders and strategic data partners together. Identifying research needs, accelerating access to industries and creating shared value. We opt for proactive, engaged and long-term partnerships.

Data creation

Cascador drives sustainable value creation in the life sciences. Building proactively new data sets and registries, focused on multi-use cases and compliant from start to finish.

Pan-european coverage

Cascador collaborates with strategic data partners across Europe and offers extensive coverage for international market requirements and regulations.

Sustainable value creation

Cascador proactively builds data registries that meet current and future healthcare needs. Through multi-year and multi-end point research frameworks, we build sustainable partnerships.

360° integration

Cascador provides comprehensive and advanced data integration from health records, claims data, digital health players, and patient-reported outcomes, within one secure and compliant digital platform.

ESG commitment

Cascador ensures sustainable value creation for all stakeholders through a strong commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.

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