Unlock the true value of patient data

For better healthcare and better health for the individual patient, in total compliance with GDPR and other applicable privacy policies.

The data are out there!

Every time a patient is treated, healthcare providers collect data. These Real World Data (RWD) are an invaluable asset for many stakeholders. They allow for profound insights in therapeutic outcomes, better site selection for clinical studies, monitoring safety and adverse effects, or simply help optimise processes in hospitals. Overall, they contribute to better healthcare.

Connected data, better health

Cascador Health bridges the gap between sources and users of healthcare data. Using structured, validated and anonymized RWD allows healthcare providers and life science industry to gain insights and provide better care.

Seemingly unsurmountable obstacles for RWD use

Today, valorising data is not a priority for healthcare providers. Even though insights based on hospital data can have a huge impact on prevention. And even though there are solutions for all of these obstacles:

Lack of trust

  • Misconceptions about the purpose of requests for data

  • Concerns on how the data will be used
  • Fear to give up control over data

Technical complexity

  • Perception that there is lack of (structured) data

  • Complexity of retrieving data from the many IT-systems and interfaces

  • Different IT-systems and interfaces across healthcare providers

Privacy concerns

  • Incorrect interpretation of GDPR

  • Concerns about data security 

  • Worries about the public opinion

Gathering RWD and making them ready to use

Cascador partners with hospitals and relieves them of tedious tasks such as gathering data from different sources, structuring, enriching, cleaning and anonymizing them.

Ecosystem to co-create better health  

Cascador Health creates an entire ecosystem of providers and users of data, allowing them to share their knowledge and improve healthcare.

To enable a smooth cooperation, special focus goes to governance, ensuring that third parties can safely access and use these data.

For data providers

  • 100% compliant with GDPR

  • Full control over and transparent use of their data

  • Federated data architecture; source data stay at hospital

  • Provider gets

    • Structured data sets
    • Use case insights
    • Fee for the use of their data
    • To be a part of an international network
  • Minimal impact on workload 

For data users

  • 100% compliant with GDPR

  • One-stop-shop for multiple hospitals and other data sources
  • Combined RWD from different data sources
  • Multiple therapeutic areas
  • Aggregated reports, based on granular, curated data

  • International network of hospitals

With Cascador Health every stakeholder can rely on qualitative and compliant Real World Data records

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