Life sciences

Your data are valuable

Research groups are looking for the origin of medical conditions. Life science companies want to ensure drugs are used correctly or improve treatment plans. Government agencies want to know how drugs and medical devices are used in real life. Yesterday, rather than today. All for better healthcare and, thanks to Cascador, with minimal impact on your workload.

Granular RWD, across borders and multiple healthcare providers

Qualitative granular data show why patients switch or discontinue treatment, allowing you to monitor patient safety, adverse effects or even patient outcomes. Across healthcare providers, across borders. These insights can lead to changes in labelling or help educate physicians and patients, in full compliance with GDPR and other applicable privacy policies.

One-stop-shop for valorised RWD

With one point of contact for all your data brokerage queries, you are about to head into worry-free project management, covering a variety of healthcare providers, in a multitude of therapeutic areas.

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