Bridging the gap between data providers and users

This gap is real

Health care providers create and store a lot of data that have the potential to contribute to better healthcare. While life science companies, research facilities and government agencies would like to analyse these data to see how real-world circumstances influence their products, services and processes.

Security and privacy enable co-creation

Cascador bridges this gap by creating a secure ecosystem that respects GDPR and other applicable privacy policies. By taking away technical and governance hurdles, cooperation becomes possible and easier. This allows customers and partners to share data and contribute to better healthcare.

When there’s a need for use of non anonymised data, a Trusted Third Party (TTP) will be used.

Cascador Health is the missing link between sources and users of curated, validated and anonymized patient data.

Bulletproof privacy

Data privacy and security is Cascador’s priority. To bring trust and compliance into the equation, a solid and secure privacy architecture was built, conform HIPAA security standards. Thus ensuring a 100% GDPR and other applicable privacy policies compliant ecosystem, it should relieve both data providers and users from any insecurity regarding medical secrecy and patient’s rights.

Easy-to-use software

The Cascador Platform consists of two main components:

  • Cascador Central gives customers the possibility to enter RWD study requests, follow up on the progress of ongoing studies, and access the results of studies which have been delivered. Additionally, insights in collected data can be provided via interactive dashboards.

  • Cascador Edge is installed locally at the healthcare provider. This software allows hospitals to select patients, generate study results, evaluate these results in terms of anonymity and share them with Cascador Central.

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