Connected data, better health

Only a strong team can unlock the true value of patient data. As a team we are committed to contribute to better healthcare and better health for individual patients.

We want to bridge the gap between data providers and research/industry and become the reference for projects where RWD are required. All with respect of GDPR and other applicable privacy policies, whilst taking the highest security measures.

The Cascador team are

Philip Taillieu
Philip TaillieuCEO
Sven Van Segbroeck
Sven Van SegbroeckCTO
Ludo Ooms
Ludo OomsCFO
 Laurent Laffineur
Laurent LaffineurBusiness Development Director
Joëlle Champagne
Joëlle ChampagneBusiness Development Manager
Klaus Weiss
Klaus WeissBusiness Development Manager
Ben De Weerdt
Ben De WeerdtSoftware Engineer
Jan Parasote
Jan ParasoteSoftware Engineer

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