Healthcare providers

Your data are valuable

Research groups are looking for the origin of medical conditions. Life science companies want to ensure drugs are used correctly or improve treatment plans. Government agencies want to know how drugs and medical devices are used in real life. Yesterday, rather than today. All for better healthcare and, thanks to Cascador, with minimal impact on your workload.

Use Cascador as a lever

The demand for data is high and will continue to increase. Cascador looks for applications of your data and present potential use cases. Instead of gathering data from your diverse sources, structuring and anonymizing it yourself, and ensuring that you can share it, use Cascador as a lever! This will lead to huge efficiency gains.

  • Raw data files
  • Anonymized curated data
  • Curated data reports/visualizations
  • Consolidated data across sites

It’s all about patient privacy and proper governance

While ensuring full compliance with GDPR and other applicable privacy policies, Cascador retrieves patient data for analysis. At all times, healthcare providers get the final word on what data will be made accessible. In full transparency, they will know for which purpose the RWD will be used and under which conditions.

Maximum data use, minimal impact on workload

Healthcare providers’ only investment is their time spent in the informative workshop and approving or denying data queries.

As a Cascador data partner, you receive:

  • Fee for data access and data extraction
  • Structured data sets

  • Site-specific use-case insights

Cascador guarantees their data partners:

  • Free use of a GDPR-compliant platform
  • Transparency on and control over own data

  • Source data remain at the premises

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