Access to data made easy

Whether you are in research, need to understand outcomes of drugs, the safety profile of a medical device in real life, or require imaging data to develop predictive algorithms, you need access to RWD from hospitals or other data sources.

Easy access to data for every use case

In need of access to patient data from hospitals or other healthcare providers? Whether you are in research, a pharmaceutical or medical device company, Cascador bridges the gap to healthcare providers, supplying you with the exact RWD you need: fast, secure and GDPR compliant.

Granular RWD, across borders and multiple healthcare providers

Qualitative granular data show why patients switch or discontinue treatment, allow to monitor safety & adverse effects or even patient outcomes. Across healthcare providers, across borders. These insights can lead to changes in labelling or help educate physicians and patients. In total compliance with GDPR and other applicable privacy policies.

One point of contact for all data brokerage

With one point of contact for all your data brokerage queries, you are about to head into worry-free project management, covering a variety of healthcare providers, in a multitude of therapeutic areas.

Do you recognise these cases?

I need to get insights in real life outcomes, average drug dose and side effects to support or renew a reimbursement application.

Cascador gives you access to the data needed, from different hospitals. With the insights you gain, you will get a better understanding on how treatments are used in real life

Which hospitals can quickly include the right patients in a clinical study?

Cascador provides insights on how many patients are in the hospital database, taking into account inclusion and exclusion criteria and thus creating a solid base for any clinical trial.

Logging data in a registry is important but cumbersome for hospital staff.

By using proprietary software, we can extract data out of the hospital information system to auto-complete part of the registry, significantly reducing manual completion.

Is there evidence for super-responders or absolute non-responders to my therapy in real life?

RWD can provide insights on patient populations that are not necessarily studied in clinical trials and thus reveal outcomes that were previously unknown, which can shed a new light on efficacy of treatments.

What if I need the full patient journey across different healthcare providers?

With a Trusted Third Party (TTP) holding patient identifiers, we couple data from different healthcare providers whilst guaranteeing GDPR compliance.  The TTP can also provide coded data when needed.

We need data to train our predictive algorithms for a new diagnostic solution.

The current Cascador network of hospitals and other data providers in Belgium and Switzerland keeps growing. With more data sources across Europe, you will get better access to the exact data you need.

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