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While treating patients, hospitals also collect 50 petabytes (that’s 50000000000000000!) of data every year. The secondary use of these real-world data (RWD) can

  • support researchers in their quest for new treatments
  • enable industry partners to develop AI that can detect diseases earlier
  • provide better understanding regarding real-life outcomes and the safety of drugs

In short: RWD can save lives! Valorising these data is the future and will become routine practice.

Despite the obvious and immense value of these data, the reality of today shows that RWD from hospitals remain mostly undisclosed.

Over these past months, Cascador Health has had many meetings with stakeholders in hospitals to discuss this. Both the management as the medical staff see the opportunities in valorising structured data and the insights these could offer. But at the same time they have concerns that need to be addressed first, such as their questions about data-privacy and security.

Therefore, we would like to offer you insights into this important topic of governance.

Join the online webinar Valorising Hospital Data: The Rising Need for Data Governance, at which experts will share their thoughts on:

  • GDPR and data-governance
  • Preserving privacy while unlocking data
  • Leveraging structured data available in hospitals today

Looking forward to meeting you online!


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