Effortless sharing of RWD with the support of a 3rd party

Three+ ways a 3rd party makes it easier for hospitals to share their RWD

Today, hospitals have an incessant source of data. These Real-World Data (RWD) are an invaluable asset for many stakeholders, as the insights from structured, validated and anonymised RWD allow both healthcare providers and life science industry to provide better care. A win-win, one would think. But reality shows that most hospitals are hesitant to share their data, let alone through third parties. When it is precisely they who can help eliminate inefficiencies, who guarantee compliance and privacy, and who help generate extra revenue.

It's a fact that hospitals already do share RWD.

It's a fact that hospitals already do share RWD. They do so at the request of government agencies, of medical staff that is involved in clinical trials, and sometimes because they want to be affiliated with start-ups or academic research. They do so because they are convinced sharing RWD helps to improve healthcare. Nevertheless, despite the good intentions, every request is a burden, putting more strain on staff and management. So why not work with an external partner, whose expertise is to guard governance, to draft contracts and protect privacy? Here’s what an external partner brings to the equation:

Spot and fix inefficiencies

Today, each use case request to hospitals involves:

  • verifying whether the hospital can provide the required data,
  • submitting the request for data to medical and ethical committees,
  • interfacing with data repositories to make data available,
  • researching and anonymising the correct data,
  • making the de-identified data results accessible for third parties,
  • drafting GDPR, processing agreements and other legal documents per use case.

Every single one of these data requests takes up time and resources. Time and resources a third party will happily spend to make these data accessible in a uniform manner and to assure compliancy and privacy arrangements. Working with a partner like Cascador Health eliminates these inefficiencies. It frees up hospital’s resources so they can focus on where they really matter.

Guarantee compliance, security and privacy

Besides the inefficiency of drafting contracts and checking privacy and security settings again and again, a party like Cascador Health functions as a gatekeeper: only what is asked for and what is approved for, passes the gateway. Contrary to common practice in many hospitals today, a third party guarantees that

  • The access to shared RWD is 100% GDPR compliant and meets applicable privacy rules;
  • The use of shared RWD is controlled by the hospital;
  • The shared RWD will only be used for those use cases that are agreed upon by the hospital.

Provide extra revenue…and more

A third party like Cascador Health makes sure all patient data are handled in a correct way, following highest security standards and using a Trusted Third Party (TTP) when needed. On top of that, every use case provides remuneration

  • for the use of the data;
  • for the time of medical staff and physicians involved.

Don’t underestimate how these fees for data access and data extraction will add to the other efficiency gains.

In addition, the end report that is shared with the customer is also shared with the participating hospitals, hereby providing invaluable insights. And the data that is structured for handling the use case remains property of the hospital.

The + is for readiness for the future

Looking at the many healthcare trends, such as the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in both healthcare solutions or organisational processes - all of those depend on the availability and accuracy of the data. Needless to say: a hospital working with a third party to extract, cleanse and organise their data is better prepared for a sustainable future.

So along with efficiency gains, the unburdening of compliancy nightmares and more revenue, the hospital will only benefit from working with a third party like Cascador Health to share their RWD.

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