The story of Cascador Health

The origins of Cascador Health lie in a very simple observation: millions of medical data records are generated every single day. Why is so little done with this valuable data? What can be done to boost the uptake of such data?

Cascador Health was created to rise to the challenge and make medical data more readily available for secondary use.

The potential of medical data is unmistakable: data-driven insights can help doctors make better decisions, pharma companies improve existing therapies, and regulatory bodies validate the performance of treatments. In short, better use of medical data improves patient outcomes.

With a legitimate interest in creating access to medical data records, why does so much medical data remain locked up on healthcare providers’ servers? Three reasons:

  1. Healthcare providers are rightly very protective of the privacy and security of their medical data. Therefore, if they want to grant third parties access to medical data, they need a technical solution embedded in a legal framework that addresses privacy and security concerns.
  2. There is the question of transparency. Hospitals want to know for which purpose their data is used and by whom, and their patients need to be able to opt out. Pharmaceutical companies want to know which data is offered to them, and how healthcare providers are compensated. Access to medical data has to be transparent, equitable and ethical.
  3. Data, as such, does not provide the value the industry is looking for. Data needs to be turned into insights, and those insights should be embedded in research, market access and post-market operations of the industry. It takes expertise to make data fit for purpose and translate it into evidence and insights.

That’s exactly what serial entrepreneur Philip Taillieu aimed for when he brought together a team of highly experienced experts in building big data management platforms, boosting sales in the medical device industry and senior international leadership roles in major pharmaceutic companies, and set up Cascador Health in 2021.

The Cascador team

Philip Taillieu
Philip TaillieuCEO
Ludo Ooms
Ludo OomsCFO
Sven Van Segbroeck
Sven Van SegbroeckCTO
 Laurent Laffineur
Laurent LaffineurHead of Strategic Partnerships
Gert Mariën
Gert MariënHead of Sales
Joost de Kinderen
Joost de KinderenHead of Product & Insights Lab
Joëlle Champagne
Joëlle ChampagneBusiness Development Manager DACH & BeNeLux
Klaus Weiss
Klaus WeissBusiness Development Manager
Giulia Bettio
Giulia BettioSenior Consultant
Maarten van den Branden
Maarten van den BrandenSoftware Engineer
Ben De Weerdt
Ben De WeerdtSoftware Engineer
Jan Parasote
Jan ParasoteSoftware Engineer


Orchestrating and creating value through effective operations and governance.

The Management Team commits to running the day-to-day business and implementing strategies to ensure that Cascador unlocks the value of real-world data, creates valuable insights for our sponsors and ensures the ecosystem captures a fair share of the value created. The Cascador Management Team consists of the CEO, CFO, CTO, Head of Partnerships, Head of Sales and Head of Product.
The Board of Directors commits to setting a compelling vision, translating it into a winning strategy, empowering management, endorsing key decisions and ensuring effective governance.

The Cascador board

Dr Abed Hamoud
Dr Abed HamoudChairman of the Board of Directors Cascador Health & Managing Director Alant Health Sarl
Jan Cools
Jan CoolsCEO & Founder Be-Mobile Group
Koen De Waele
Koen De WaeleVenture Partner Volta Ventures
Steven Leuridan PhD CFA
Steven Leuridan PhD CFAPartner PhD QBIC Fund | Venture Capital
Luc Dochez
Luc DochezManaging Partner, DROIA Genetic Disease Fund
Philip Taillieu
Philip TaillieuCEO
Ludo Ooms
Ludo OomsCFO

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